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Vasco Duarte, (english tongue).

Product Owner proven tools and practices that help you and your focus on delivery value, not reports. Delivering value in the digital age.

This Workshop is for you if…

You have tried to involve stakeholders, but they don’t agree on what value is: You ask one stakeholder, and then another and finally realise that the definition of “value” is not the same for them. Perhaps not even clear. How do we get multiple stakeholders to collaborate and define value for our product? We need an approach to explore and define value, so that we can easily prioritize and reduce scope when needed.
You have talked to customers, and found out how hard it is to understand their real problems: Talking to customers should be a practice in all product teams. But how do you make those conversations productive and learn what is their real problem instead of getting a list of features that they want but don’t use?
You want to measure value concretely, but don’t know how: Even if stakeholders agree on what value is, often they can’t come up with a way to quantify it. Value is only useful if we can measure it concretely as part of our product development and feedback process. Inspect and adapt does not work unless we can measure value concretely.
You want to inspire your team to try new things, and become more innovative: The teams are more productive when they feel ownership over the products they work on. You need to inspire your teams to innovate, and feel they own the success of the product.
You are a Product Owner who wants to focus on collaborating better with the team: Throughout the workshop we focus on actionable techniques and concrete tools that help PO’s and Teams collaborate. Focusing on customer value, and constant validation of business hypothesis
You are an Agile Coach or Scrum Master who wants to coach a Product Owner: The Product Owner role is one of the critical roles in Scrum. Success in that role requires support from the coaches and Scrum Masters. We walk through critical artifacts, practices and a method for coaching Product Owners.
You want to help a Product Owner grow the product impact in the market: Ultimately, Agile is about delivering value, and growing your business. With the practices we share in this workshop you’ll be ready to focus on product growth and market impact.

What You Will Learn

Define what is the most valuable work for their products and their teams. One of the most difficult jobs for Product Owners is to define what is value together with stakeholders, and help the team focus on value delivery. We review and discuss models for value definition. The start of the journey from product-centric, to customer-centric Product Ownership.

Measure product success in a manner that facilitates decision making. The role of metrics in Product development is undisputed. But which metrics matter? Which metrics are problematic? And which metrics are down-right wrongheaded? In this workshop we review types of metrics, and define the decision-critical metrics for Product Owners.

Use specific tools to discover and manage product scope Scope is said to “creep in”. In fact, this phenomena is so common we have a word for it, and project management practices to prevent it from derailing our projects. However “scope creep” is not bad, it’s called “value discovery!” In this workshop we learn how to take advantage of “scope creep” instead of suffering from it.

Apply a self-assessment tool that fosters personal growth Product. Owners need to continuously develop their skills in multiple areas. In the workshop we review a self-assessment tool that will help PO’s and their peers to focus on the areas that have the most impact on the product success. Self-assessment is the core of continuous improvement.

And Much, Much More Product Ownership is one of the critical aspects of product development. In the workshop we review tools, practices and a coaching approach to help Product Owners grow and learn to focus their effort, and their team’s efforts on the success of the product in the market.

Roles that benefit the most from the workshop:

  • Product Owners
  • Startup Owners
  • UX Specialists
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile Coaches


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